Introducing the Head of Wellness department and Internationally recongnised Brand name in Wellness Industry - Mr. Andrew J.
Andrew has been involved in the Hospitality industry for over 40 years, of which over 20 has been in the spa & wellness sector.  Based in Thailand, he has worked in Destination, Cruise ship, Day & Resort Spas across the region.   With a back ground as a chef (including being recognised for best spa cuisine in the world 1998-2000), before his career morphed into spa operations and ultimately spa & wellness consulting across Asia and as far afield as Europe and South America.  He has been employed by or consulted with spa & wellness facilities across multiple industry sectors both locally and internationally.

A passionate believer in the sharing of knowledge, and avid supporter of the Asia Pacific spa and wellness industry.  In 2013 Andrew was inducted into the Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards Hall of Fame, while at the Hall of Wellness Awards 2020 he was recognised as Global Personality / Contributor to the Industry. 

In addition to his consultancy work, he has been actively involved in many aspects of wellness and its related industries including currently as Chairman, Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (Singapore); Ambassador Thailand Global Wellness Day (Thailand); Asia Pacific Representative, TERMATALIA (Spain); a University guest lecturer; and Organising Committee Member, World Spa & Wellness Asia, (Thailand).

Awards & Recognition:
- Global Personality / Contributor to the Industry (Andrew Jacka), Hall of Wellness Awards (2020)
- Best Spa Management Firm – Thailand, Resorts & Retreats Awards, Lux Life (2020)
- Best Spa Consulting & Management Firm – Asia Pacific, South East Asia Business Awards, APAC Insider (2020)
- Spa Consultancy Firm of the Year, Corporate Live Wire Global Awards (2020)
- Best Spa Management & Consultancy Firm – Asia Pacific, Hotel & Spa Awards, Lux Life (2019)
- Hall of Fame, (Andrew Jacka), Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards 2013
- Hall of Fame, (Naphalai Areesorn), Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards 2012
- Asia's Leading Spa Consultancy, World Travel Awards 2007

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A unique team unified by the hospitality of wellness.  Individually with well established backgrounds in diverse areas of tourism, hospitality and wellness we collectively bring a cohesive forward thinking approach to sustainable hospitality for tomorrow, combining the best of age old traditions with modern technology with customized business solutions for our clients.

​What we offer:
specializing in the concept development, planning and operation of wellness and spa facilities, we provide the full spectrum of services for each phase of establishing and operating a successful wellness operation.   From the initial feasibility study, through planning and design of the facility, our expertise continues with the operational program implementation, and all the way through to on-going supervision or management.
Developers, architects, designers, or managers have the option to contract for the complete service or a particular phase, assuring them of success in the design and operation of their facility. Our wealth of specialist knowledge in operations, design, marketing, business development and facility management provides hotels and resorts with turnkey solutions. We are committed to creating a unique, world-class spa & wellness environment delivering extraordinary sensory and service experiences for all guests.

"take care of your body, its the only place you have to live"   -- John Rohn

"the part can never be well unless the whole is well"   -- Plato


Wellness is the daily practise of healthy habits so you can thrive as better you. Northern Bridges offer Eight dimensions of wellness - Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual.