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The most compact Follow trolley ever. Built to enhance golfers' rounds everywhere - Engineered to perfection - Extraordinary Reimagined

Our all-new flagship model takes the Golf heritage of award-wining innovation and elevates it again with a next-generation compact Follow and Remote golf trolley. Designed, engineered and hand built in Great Britain, the Q Follow uses a pioneering microcellular composite chassis to deliver the greatest way to play golf ever by combining cutting-edge technology with extraordinary design. The Most Compact Follow Trolley Ever!

Golf Trolleys

Get the world's best electric and push golf trolleys of which all are built by hand at our headquarters in Great Britain. The flagship X9 Follow features revolutionary Follow Technology and is transforming customer's rounds all over the globe. All new golf trolleys come with a two year warranty and free next-day delivery to UK addresses.

The X9 Remoteis the latest remote controlled trolley from the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognised as one of the world's finest remote controlled machines. As well as great fun to use on the golf course, the X-Series is a product that will help your game by allowing you to walk the course unencumbered by your equipment. With the X9 Remote, all you do is walk.
Specifically designed as a remote controlled machine, the X9 Remote benefits from a low and central centre of gravity and 4 wheels. This balance is complimented by a world leading electronics system which allows you to control the X9 Remote from up to 50m away.                                 (£1,199.00)

Experience Follow

Experience the golf course in the purest way with Follow technology. Walk hassle-free down the fairway and leave your worries behind you as you get the pro-like experience of being able to focus completely on your golf. The X9 Follow is widely regarded as the world's finest golf trolley.

Patented Follow Technology - 50m Remote Control Range - Bluetooth Communication - Rechargeable Lithium Handset- Complete Remote Functionality - Downhill Braking - Integrated Stabiliser - Iconic Stewart Golf Design - Handbuilt in Great Britain                                    (£1,499.00)

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R1 PUSH building on the outstanding success of the we are very proud to announce the R1-S PUSH trolley that is built by hand in Gloucestershire.
Now complete with 10 different colour variations, the R1-S PUSH has been branded "The best push trolley in the world". Based on a novel application of the tried and tested rack & pinion system. Rack & pinion is most well known for use in car steering systems to turn the circular movement of turning a steering wheel, into the linear movement of the steering rack.
Specially designed self adjusting bag jaws will accommodate any style of stand, cart or tour bag, and an innovative new silicone bag strap both adjusts to bag size and grips at the same time.    (£149.00)