Any fool can know. The point is to understand 

                                                                                                                                                                - Albert Einstein

                                                                                          We go one step further and add IMPLEMENT,  this one word                                                                                            differentiates us from our competitors and make us on top,                                                                                                we know the importance of learning but learning without                                                                                                    applying next day is total wastage of time and money. therefore  when it comes to training the agents, supervisors, trainers, managers, We Are The Absolute Authority! because we understand small things matter. 

From start to finish the script, and even script itself, we will train your agents how close, we will train your supervisor how to keep the room  in high spirits and managers how to get more and more. Also train the trainer how to keep it up. Contact us today, make an appointment and challenge us to prove these claims. 


Learn how to turn challenges in to victories

                                                                                 Your trainer: Ed Khan

                                                        Ed has us all jumping for joy. A seasoned pro at training,                                                            

Ed demonstrates daily his incredible ability to assess any situation, understand the task and goal, and then brilliantly deliver the end- result. A quick study, you'll benefit from Ed’s powerful adaptive and energetic ability to be a member of your team and guide its success. Bring your sunglasses with you, because come rain or  shine, when you meet Ed Khan, "sunshine" is the spirit of the room. Ed brings a unique set of experiences with him from the hotel industry, as well as Sales and Corporate Training. His varied background gives him a rich foundation and keen insights into how best to handle anything from the most delicate of situations to a regular day on the frontlines! Give Ed a call and watch his knowledge and enthusiasm come together as he puts together the best training solution for you!​​

Cusotmer Service Essential Communication Skills For Front line staff

​​​Every customer is not a happy customer  Are your people up to the challenge? 

Consider this... 85% of our ability to be successful depends
not on our technical skills, but on our communication and
relationship building skills. 

when you're considering the need for Customer Service Training, consider this: Your staff can either be your best advertisement or your worst roadblock when building and maintaining your customer base.  Although it seems like good customer service via the phone or in person should just be common sense, common sense isn't always common practice.  A solid training program in the basics of good customer service is a solid investment in your company's future.

Amazing Four:

-Etiquette Essentials from Start to Finish
-Word Crafting One: Proceed with caution
-Word Crafting Two: Gems for Conversation
-Telephone Bully: Survival Tools"

-One Great Reception